hello. i'm tim and this is my photoblog. that's me hiding behind a hood and sunglasses. you may think a better way of hiding would be to not take a photo and post it online, but that's what this website is all about. it started back in 2005 as a catalyst for me to learn and mess around with taking pictures, and i've continued learning and messing around in unequal measure ever since

i've had a few different cameras since i first took an interest in photography but most the shots from the last few years were taken with my nikon d60 and processed in photoshop.

hello. this is me.

i live in london, england but if you have a look around you'll probably notice quite a few shots from south america where i spent a couple of years travelling. have a look around, a good place to start would be to look at my newest photo, or to check out the pictures of which i am most fond.

you can write comments under each of the photos so feel free to leave a message.

i try to update the site when i can, but the frequency does vary. if you want you can subscribe and i'll send you an email each time i add a new photo.